Practitioner Trainings

Austin Body Therapeutic Center
Stacy Liddle, PT, LMT

University Wisconsin: Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy

Gulf Coast Graduate Physical Therapy Institute: Manual Therapy School

Lauterstein-Conway Massage School: Semesters I & II & Advanced Structural Bodywork

Active Release Techniques Certifications: LEUE

Anatomy Trains
Fascial Release for Structural Balance of Abdomen and Breath and Essentials of the Hip

Rock Tape Education
FMT Level 1 and 2 CertificationsFMT_LOGO
FMT Mobility
FMT Blades IASTM Certification



International Association of Healthcare Practitioners:
Healing from the Core; Lymph Drainage Therapy I, II, III; Zero Balancing 1

McKenzie: Parts A,B,C

Medical Minds in Motion
Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization Certification

Postural Restoration: Myokinematic Restoration



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