With over 30 years of bodywork experience, Stacy is inspired to write about the structure, spirit, and healing of the body. Her passionate belief is that given the right combination of outside assistance, the body innately has everything it needs to heal. Her practice, Austin Body Therapeutic Center, is dedicated to assist each client to reach their optimal potential. Centering her practice on the foundation of a healthy physical alignment, she works with many different approaches to achieve the best possible outcome. This personalized approach in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain, injury or surgery is what makes her practice unique. Once a serious competitive athlete, she is well aware of what it takes to keep your body healthy to pursue your life’s dreams.

Stacy graduated, from the University of Wisconsin in 1989, with a degree in Physical Therapy. Following graduation, she pursued advanced manual therapy training at the Gulf Coast Graduate Physical Therapy Institute with a clinical mentorship that brought her to Austin, TX in 1996. From the nationally recognized Lauterstein-Conway massage school, Stacy pursued over 600 hours of bodywork training to include advanced structural bodywork.

In addition, she has studied in the curriculum’s of the McKenzie method, Bruno Chikly’s Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Leslie Kaminoff’s Yoga Anatomy, Postural Restoration, Rock Tape techniques, Tom Myers Anatomy Trains, Active Release Techniques and instrument assisted massage. Her current passion is to supplement all these manual techniques with functional assessment and corrective exercise.

Contact info: Stacy Liddle, PT, LMT


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