Offering self-massage classes

Let me know if you would like your very own one-on one class or if you would like it for a small or medium sized group.  I can custom tailor any class to fit your needs.

My self-massage classes:  This is how they begin, with a room full of tools and books.  Starting with these basic questions:  What do we want to accomplish?  Which areas of the body will be most beneficial for this?  Which approaches will we take?  Which tools will we use?

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Who knew that this is where things were headed when our massage doors closed?

Who knew that this would work to help folks recover from both old and new injuries?

Who knew that self-massage would become such a powerful self-care tool?

Come play!


Active Release Techniques

I’m off for a 4 day workshop and will be back to write more about what this means to me as a body worker and to you as a client.

It’s been quite a journey just to get to this place and I know in the next few days I will have plenty of aha moments, and plenty of times when I’m not really sure what point they are trying to make. It’s all part of being back at the beginning.