Life’s Little Surprises

Since my last post that I would get back to you about hip pain, I have been completely sidetracked.  Symptoms are divert, alter, and change. Digress, switch, and veer.   Deviate, shift, and redirect.  And yes, since I last wrote all these things happened.

The first Saturday in May started out innocently enough, like any other, but unfolded into the unexpected.  Mid-afternoon, my neighbor called to see if I could entice a kitten out from beneath her Toyota Tundra.   “Sure,” I said.  After all, how hard could it be to coax a tiny creature out of its hiding place?  An hour and a half later, I finally had the smallest, gray fur-ball, I have ever seen, extracted from its perfect spot on top of the snug fitting spare tire.

2013-lil-lion-009-smaller-150x150It was hard for me to believe that the pair of lungs that brought her to our attention came from this teeny creature.  All fur and protruding ribs, she clearly didn’t weigh a single pound.  And plenty scared, as she tried to adjust to her new surroundings.  But who wouldn’t be- the high pitched cries for help had been for her mother and clearly not for the nine pairs of human eyes that had shown up instead to lure her out of her safe haven.

024-email-sizeAwaken your capacity to be delighted.Everything is new and exciting to this kitten.   Every inch of her environment must be explored.  New noises stop her in her tracks.  Big brother’s tail is a complete preoccupation.  Just watching her find delight in nearly everything she does reminds me to view my everyday tasks a little differently.  In these crazy, busy days that encompass most of our time, remember to do something you truly enjoy doing each and every day.

Since life has a way of constantly bringing on the unexpected, here is what this itty-bitty thing made me ponder this month.

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