Even Injured: Can I Love Every Moment?

monkey-bars_44402_600x450-150x150Holding on for dear life,
always in contraction.
Rumi would call it paralyzed,
it’s balance soft and supple.

In my mind’s eye,
I have asked you for ease.
For less resistance,
for you to let go.dandelion-150x150

And you did!
Liberated in an instant,
cut loose, destabilized,
to be temporarily sidelined.

You provided my wish-
when I wasn’t looking,
when I wasn’t anticipating,
when I wasn’t prepared.

letting-go-150x150Should I have rephrased the request?
Would it look different today?
Feel different today?
Could I truly embrace my own weakness?

Finding grace is easy
until you encounter adversity.
As the mind ebbs and flows,
how do you sift through a day?pink-orchids-150x150

The orchid is a delicate flower
yet instead of being fragile
it is embodied as a symbol
of love and strength.

Intuition tells me
I too am resilient.
Quick to bounce back
able to love this moment.

larkspurs-150x150The larkspur tall with lovely blooms
and its Dr. Seuss like greenery.
Her genus is defined as fickle
likely to change or compromise.

Unexpected beauty-
is what change is.
Each moment
different then the last.

In this Water Dragon year,Blue-Dragon-Veer-560x380-150x150
I will accept the invitation.
Of transformation, of
renewal and of flow.

So I move over to make room
for this injury, this strange gift.
That once I accept
will no longer hold my fear.

Stacy Liddle 6/26/2012

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